Master Weight

To Master Your “Ideal” Weight For Life
You’ll Need To Do 3 Things:


Understand the Real Science of Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Discover How to Lose FAT Without Losing Muscle

Learn To "Enjoy" Living Every Day at Your Ideal Weight


Welcome to the program that will show you a step-by-step process to achieve,and then maintain your Ideal Weight.

Interested? You should be. Because losing weight and enjoying the process is the KEY to Mastering Your “Ideal” Weight For Life.
An overlooked fact by almost every weight-loss program is this; if it’s a painful or difficult process then at some point along the way you’ll simply run out of willpower, or you’ll just grow tired of dieting and food restrictions, and within a short time whatever weight you did manage to lose will come right back.


I have 3 Questions For You …


Do You Want To Lose Flabby Fat Rather Than Muscle? Do You Want To Do It In The Fastest, Safest And Most Effective Way possible? Do You Want To Learn How To Easily Maintain Your “Ideal” Weight For Life?
To achieve a fit, healthy body you need to know how to preserve your precious muscle while you’re shedding unwanted fat.  Most programs and diets tell you how to lose weight. But you don’t really want to lose weight, you want to lose fat! Big difference, because losing fat is the key to effective weight loss.  Weight loss is typically a miserable process involving food restriction, hunger and deprivation … a perfect recipe for failure. Mastery, is superior skill, knowledge and total confidence.


Did You Answer “Yes” To These Questions?


That’s Great, Because Learning To Master Your “Ideal” Weight Is Exactly What This Program Is Designed To Do

29 Days ... to Mastering Your "Ideal" Weight is a private, personal, on-line, interactive, weight-loss program that will show you how to lose up to two pounds of FAT each week, while you learn the solid science of mastering your weight for life. 
But what does Weight Mastery really mean?
  • It means understanding the real drivers that shed fat and preserve muscle.
  • It means discovering how to lose weight while you actually enjoy the process.
  • It means knowing that you’ll maintain your ideal weight without the slightest fear of regain.
  • It means never buying into the endless bullshit peddled by the diet industry. You’ll understand what really works and why all the crazy fads, myths and diets can’t possibly work.
  • It means understanding that losing weight is not mysterious or complicated in spite of the wide array of contradictory advice and information.
  • It means knowing exactly “how”, “why” and “when” you’ll achieve your ideal weight and the body you desire in the fastest, safest and healthiest way possible. 
  • In means knowing that TRUE "mastery "  begins with knowledge and understanding ... in other words addressing and understanding the underlying root-cause; your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. 

Think Of All The Wasted Money, Disappointment, And Failure You’ve Experienced In Your Effort To Lose Weight In The Past.

This Program Will Put An End To That Frustration For Good.


  You go on a low calorie diet and all you experience is hunger.

You start losing weight but all day long you’re hungry and miserable. Eventually it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort.

  Joining a weight-loss club is a long list of restrictions and hassles.

Your life is already busy enough without having to attend meetings, fill out reports and explain your eating patterns to complete strangers.

  Your doctor advises you to lose weight and eat healthy ...

So what’s that supposed to mean? What’s healthy? Do you eat carbs or avoid them? Do you eat a high protein diet or limit your proteins? One famous doctor says to cut down on fat consumption. Another well-known doctor says your diet should consist of no less than 50% fat!

 You’re drowning in a bottomless sea of misinformation and contradiction.

In the 70s the biggest culprit to weight gain was saturated fat. Then it was high fructose corn syrup. Then it was salt and processed foods. Recently table sugar’s the cause of obesity and of course the perpetual villain is always cholesterol ... but apparently we got that wrong as well!

  You’re totally confused and frustrated because in the past you dieted and managed to lose weight, but then inexplicably it all came back.

You’ve managed to lose weight in the past by sticking to certain rules and carefully monitoring your diet, but then after a while all the lost weight returned even though you kept following the very same rules!

  You begin following a  weight-loss program that seems to make sense but you don’t really know for sure if it’s going to work.

Have you ever been so lost that you had to stop a stranger on the street and ask for directions? But even with new directions you still feel anxious and uncertain that you’re going to get to your desired destination. Well that's usually the case with most diets and weight-loss programs

  Your life is already so busy you don’t have time to make special meals for yourself and something different for the rest of your family.

How many diets and recipes that appear to be healthy––and might actually taste good––are even remotely practical? Tracking down the special ingredients would be difficult enough, never mind the many hours it would take to prepare them.

  All the diets, weight-loss plans and advise is written for someone else. None of them take into account your age, gender, genetics or lifestyle.

No two people are alike so neither will their lifestyles or weight-loss solutions be the same. In fact, general weight-loss advice that fails to account for age, gender, and personal preference will prove to be utterly worthless.

  You’re raising a family and you’re careful with your budget ... which rules out most of the weight-loss meal plans on the market.

Ordering special meals is not only expensive, but it’s totally impractical. Eating meals that are different from the meals your family eats not only comes with a host of logistical problems, but it sends a bad message.

  You desperately want to lose weight but you just can’t bear the pain and humiliation of another failed attempt.

Trying to lose weight is one thing, but when everyone sees that you tried, but eventually gave up in frustration and despair, leaves you feeling ashamed that you let yourself down.


If You’ve Had Enough Of The Empty Promises, Gimmicks, 

Contradictions And Confusion Of Dieting, 

Then Welcome To ... 


29 DAYS ... to mastering your “ideal” weight!

This Program Is The Ultimate Solution 

To Every One of These Common Problems



Think Of All The Questions You Have About Losing Weight.


This 29 DAYS program Will Answer ALL Of Them




Are they necessary? If so, why are they so notoriously unsuccessful? Are some diets better than others? What is the “right” and the “wrong” way to diet? What type of diet is right for you?


“Good” Fat, “Bad” Fat

What is “good” fat and what is “bad” fat? How is your health determined by the type of fat you have? What causes “bad” fat to accumulate and what can you do to get rid of it?


Causes of Failure

What are the three all-powerful psychological pitfalls that cause nearly every dieter to eventually fail? How can you recognize and then dismantle them before they take control?



What exactly is it and what role does it play in your health and weight? What is “good” stress and what is “bad” stress? What can you do to reduce the bad kind AND lose weight at the same time?



Is it necessary? What’s the science behind aerobic and anaerobic exercise? How can you burn fat without losing muscle? How can you achieve a toned, athletic look rather than a skinny-fat look when you lose weight?



How are they formed? How are they broken? Can you willfully create new ones? How can you actually create habits that will help you to reach and sustain your ideal weight?


Burning Fat 

Your body needs an alternate source of energy when you’re eating fewer calories during weight loss. What can you do to ensure your body burns fat tissue rather than muscle tissue? How does calorie partitioning work and how can you control it?



Does losing weight slow your metabolism? What can you do to ensure that your metabolism doesn’t slow down and make weight loss more difficult? Why does losing weight get more difficult with each pound lost and what can you do to avoid it?



What is BMI (body mass index)? Is it a meaningful measurement? Is it dependent on age, gender or fitness level? Does it indicate a level of health? Who set the BMI standards and should you even care about your BMI number?



How can you get ... and stay ... motivated to achieve your weight and health goals? Where does motivation come from? Is it internal? External? How can you prevent a relapse in motivation?



What is your “weight” set point? How does it work? How much does it influence your weight? Can you change it and if so how? What's the real science behind this balancing mechanism that tries to maintain a "pre-determined" weight?



Does a low-carb diet aid in weight loss? Are excess carbs converted into fat? Do carbs (sugar) lead to insulin resistance??How do carbs effect your metabolism? Are there “good” carbs and “bad” carbs? 



How do your hormones affect your weight? Which hormones cause you to feel full? Which hormones cause you to feel hungry? What influence do they have on your metabolism and your ability to lose weight and keep it off? Can certain foods boost your fat-burning hormones?



Should you eat smaller portions throughout the day? Does meal frequency increase energy expenditure? Does eating breakfast kick-start your metabolism? Should you combine certain foods to increase weight loss? Does food-pairing contribute to better health and weight loss?



Is detoxification useful to cleanse your body and  liver and turn it into a fat-burning furnace? Does the “right” combination of foods and macronutrients  increase your body’s ability to burn fat? Does “cleansing” really help remove toxins and increase weight loss?



Are some people pre-disposed to being fat or skinny? Does your blood or body type mean that you’re genetics determine your weight and health? Does a certain balance of macronutrients increase your metabolic state and burn excess fat?


Weight Regain

What are the two major causes of weight regain? Why is it so much easier to lose weight than it is to keep it off for good? What do you need to do to make absolutely certain that the weight you lose won’t return? What are the five most successful  techniques used by people who lose weight and keep it off?



Are all calories created equal? How many should you consume each day? How can you calculate your daily expenditure to target your ideal weight and health? How do calories “in” verses calories “expended” ultimately determine your body composition?


Finally ... A Weight Loss Program Designed Specifically For 

Your Body, Your Needs And Your Lifestyle


This Is Not Some Standardized Weight-Loss Program. 

Your Habits, Lifestyle, Challenges And Solutions Are Uniquely Yours.

This Program Is Designed In Such A Way That You’ll Achieve Mastery On

YOUR Terms.


 The vast majority of diets and weight-loss advice fails to account for individual differences ... which makes them completely useless. Mastering Your Ideal Weight is a program that is designed to meet your individual needs. How? By showing you how to create, and then master, a lifestyle that is perfectly tailored to suit your needs, desires and personal preferences ... AND, it can be achieved in complete privacy.


This is not some book or program that you simply read for information and knowledge. Knowledge without action and true mastery accomplishes nothing. The number of diets and weight-loss programs written by overweight authors and “fat” weight-loss gurus are legion. True mastery is not knowledge or being able to do something for a short time.

True mastery is knowing the right thing to do, when to do it, and how to do it with the least effort and the most skill. It means learning how to be open to experiment and how to quickly and efficiently interpret the results from your own first-hand experience. Mastery is both practice and complete understanding. It’s about creating a lifestyle with 100% confidence in what you're doing and when you can expect to see the results of your effort. It means designing a lifestyle that works in perfect tune with your age, gender, genetics, personal preferences, and schedule ... 


As a master of your personally-designed lifestyle

you’ll take into consideration:


• Your Gender

The way men and women go about losing weight may have many similarities, but there are important differences as well. You’ll understand how hormones affect your weight, metabolism and body composition. You’ll know how to create a realistic plan that takes into account the fitness, performance and genetic differences between men and women.

• Your Age

The 40s are very different from the 30s and the 50s are very different from the 40s as far as your metabolism is concerned. However, with the right lifestyle you can slow, stop and even reverse the effects of aging. You’ll be able to increase your bone density, improve your cognitive ability and reignite your metabolism to burn fat and reverse the process of aging. You’ll soon realize that you have way more control over the aging process than you may have thought.

• Your Genetics

Research suggests that genetics can account for a good deal of your weight variability, but the good news is that it is not the final arbiter of your weight. By learning and applying the basic science of proper nutrition, muscle development, exercise and lifestyle, you can achieve outstanding results regardless of your genetic disposition.

• Your Diet

“What,” “When,” “Why” and “How” do you eat? Whatever your answers are, they’re the result of an infinite number of reasons, beliefs, tastes, and personal preferences, such that no two people will have the same requirements or desires. Once you know the basic laws of weight gain and weight loss, you’ll be able to personally design a lifestyle for maximum results and complete enjoyment.

• Your Schedule

Your schedule will have a major influence on how you design a lifestyle in order to achieve your goals. Are you single? Married with a family? Is travel a regular part of your job? Are you self-employed? Do you work for someone else? Perhaps you’re retired. The amount of free time and the flexibility of your schedule are key factors to consider in your quest for weight and health mastery.

• Your Goals

You’ll know how to determine your caloric needs, which means you’ll know exactly “how” and “when” you’ll achieve your health and weight goals. You’ll know the difference between losing fat and losing precious muscle, and most importantly, you’ll learn how to “enjoy” the process of achieving your ideal body composition.

• Your Thoughts And Beliefs

What thoughts and beliefs do you associate with dieting? For most people it involves hunger, deprivation, avoiding certain foods, or forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t enjoy. In a nutshell it involves suffering. You’ll understand that subjecting yourself to an unpleasant lifestyle is not only unsustainable, it’s folly! After all, how could anyone try to live an undesirable life and expect to stick with it? Or more practically, why would you want to? That’s why willpower, suffering and deprivation can never be a part of a successful outcome. Permanant success can only be achieved by creating an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. That’s what mastering your “ideal” weight is all about.


Please Note: If you're interested in personal coaching in addition
to your Weight Mastery program, reach out to me for a
free 15-minute Consultation.

To schedule a Free 15-minute Consultation 

 email me (Richard Fast) at:

Why Take This Program?


Because you're not happy with where you are and you no longer wish to live your life in an unhappy place.

You didn't get to be this weight overnight.

It happened slowly and over a long period of time. It was the pint of ice cream you ate Wednesday, followed by the bag of chips you ate Thursday. It was the slow increase in the number of calories you piled on your plate every meal. It was the extra scoop, the extra pat of butter, the extra extras.

You started to see this body as the body you would always have. You started to see normal exercise like going up a few flights of stairs as an impossible task. You began to believe the clothes you wore when you weighed less would be ones you'd never fit into again.

It didn't happen overnight. It happened bit by bit, day by day, and the pounds crept on as the bad habits piled up. Somewhere along the way, this became normal.

It's about to become un-normal. It's about to become the past. And it's going to happen in just twenty-nine days.

How does it work?

We're not offering you one of those diets that promise you'll drop 30 pounds in a week or some such nonsense. For one thing, that's terribly unhealthy – and for another, even if it were possible, you wouldn't keep the weight off.

They don't call them yo-yo diets for nothing.

You didn't get to be this weight because you slipped up and ate too much one time. You got here by developing bad habits that became a normal way of life. And in twenty-nine days, you can rewire your brain so that bad habits aren't normal any more.

You can replace the bad habits that brought you to this weight with new, healthy ones that become a normal part of life.

The 29 Days program fundamentally changes the way your brain works. You'll create new neuron tracks and pathways, new thought processes, and new active habits.

Right now, your natural response to many situations – stress, boredom, exhaustion – is to eat.

After completing this program, that won't be your natural response anymore – or ever again.

You won't lose the weight overnight. You didn't put it on overnight, after all. But in just twenty-nine days, you'll have reversed the thought processes that got you to this point – and that means you'll start taking off the weight just as steadily, surely, and permanently as you once put it on.

The 12-Week FAST Fitness and Health Transformation

You can transform your weight, fitness-level and health in just 12-weeks ... but to live health, you need to “master” health.  

As a master of any skill knows, the end result takes time, it cannot be hurried along. Master’s don’t seek frivolous “secrets” and shortcuts; they respect the process of time. Every action they take is executed with precision, minimal effort and absolute certainty of the desired outcome. 

Most people can lose weight; very few can keep it off. We vow to exercise regularly but then quit because we find it time-consuming, painful and unpleasant. 

Losing weight or beginning an exercise program are “possibly” the most difficult things we “modern” humans can attempt. We experience hunger pangs, food cravings, mood swings and fatigue, which is nothing more than our body’s natural response to conserve energy and survive … only we don’t realize it. 

If we fail in our attempt to lose weight and keep it off or exercise regularly, we feel guilt and shame for a lack of willpower. You can break this frustrating cycle once and for all!

Through my unique “12-Week FAST Fitness and Health Transformation” you will achieve mastery over your weight, fitness and health without triggering your body’s natural response to conserve energy.

In just 12-weeks you will:

  • Have personalized a healthy eating plan that doesn’t eliminate your favorite foods
  • Embrace regular exercise as one of the best parts of your day
  • Prioritise physical and mental health as an integral part of your life

The key to a long, happy life isn’t lifespan, it’s health span. There’s no glory in being the oldest person in a long-term care facility. When it comes to our health … IT’S ON US! 

Imagine where you could be a year from now; living at your best health with more energy and vitality than you thought possible. 

The only way to accomplish this is through mastery. I can help you achieve just that!


The 29 DAYS ... to mastering your "ideal" weight  program breaks down into four easy weeks, each starting on a Monday.


For the first 4-weeks of this 12-week program you'll receive two emails every day from your "virtual" online coach so that you have the support you need, right there with you. You will also have a weekly 30-minute meeting with me where we will work on designing your new weight-mastery lifestyle to ensure it's meeting every one of your "weight" mastery goals and just as importantly, we'll make sure you can sustain your newly designed lifestyle for good.

Week One: Commitment and Awareness Week

If you aren't committed to your goal, you won't succeed. In this first week, we'll help you commit to your goals with a strong foundation that supports you when temptation starts whispering away at you, encouraging you to fall prey to those old destructive routines you've shed.

You'll learn observation and awareness techniques that help you understand your current bad habits, such as when you're most likely to fall prey to them and what triggers the desire to give in. This means you'll have tools to fight back and stay strong.


Week Two: Preparation Week

After you've committed to your goal and become aware of the true extent of damage your current bad habits create, you can start to prepare for the change ahead.

This is where the 29 DAYS program really sets itself apart from all the rest – you develop your very own ideas on how to make permanent changes.

It's important that you take control of your own personal changes. We'll help you build powerful new neuron tracks and thought processes, and you'll feel empowered to change by being in full control of how those changes happen.


Week Three: Taking Action

Enough planning; it's time to get to work. By developing awareness of your current bad habits and tailoring your plans for change to your personal weak spots and desires, you'll be more than prepared to put your plan to good use.

Our daily reminders, visualizations, and affirmations have helped you develop the strong neural changes that make it easy for you to replace those bad behaviors with your planned good ones. Your take-action steps may be small, but you'll be able to put them in place knowing they're here to stay. For good.


Week Four: Staying the Course

You've probably tried to change your habits before – but slipped back into your old destructive routines. That's why this final week is so important, because this is when you cement those new habits into place and learn to stay the course.

And by this point, you're nearly at the end! If you stick with your course through the final week, it will be nearly impossible for you to go back to your old habits.

Developing new habits is a process, and you'll already be reaping the rewards of the small changes you've made.

The best news is that these changes happen permanently. You won't ever go back. You won't ever slip back into your old ways again.

In just twenty-nine days, you'll have a new lease on life. A new way of experiencing your day.



The principle of losing weight is exceedingly simple … burn more calories than you consume. The process of losing weight, and keeping it off, is not simple ... unless you know how. Most people don’t, which is why they fail time and time again.


It’s difficult to say why the subject of weight loss has become so hopelessly confusing. From articles in the press, to best-selling books, and even scientific journals, there’s endless discussion and endless disagreement about the merits or shortcomings of one diet or weight-loss technique over another. Diets, however, are not the solution to weight loss. In fact, studies consistently show that regardless of the chosen diet, dieting will eventually result in actual weight gain!

There is however a simple, and healthy way to lose weight and keep it off for good. It doesn’t involve hunger, dieting or willpower. In fact, when you learn the proper procedure to weight loss, you’ll understand why the most popular techniques will almost always result in another failed attempt.

When you discover how to control the real drivers that determine your weight and health, you’ll finally be able to achieve your weight-loss goals and enjoy the process. In fact, if you don’t actually enjoy the life you’re living while you’re losing weight, then it’s a virtual certainty that you’ll gain it all back. 

Mastering Your “Ideal” Weight is a Personal Journey

Until I reached my early 50s I used to be one of “those” people … the ones who can eat anything they want and never put on a pound. The funny thing is I had never really appreciated my high revving metabolism … until it began to slow … imperceptibly. I first suspected this must have happened when I began looking at some pictures from a recent pool party. While casually clicking through shot after shot, something compelled me to zoom in on a chubby guy who was wearing myswimsuit! As I scoured my memory for the details of how someone happened to be wearing my suit, the sickening realization that it was me in that picture began to sink in. Inexplicably my mid-section had suddenly begun to look strikingly similar to a McIntosh … and I don’t mean the computer.

After seeing that picture, and for the next few weeks, I vowed to cut back on the food I ate, but in spite of my best intentions, I never quite managed. The scale consistently read 205, and for the first time in my life I began to understand the challenges of weight loss. 

I’m not sharing my story because I intend to tell you the secret of my weight-loss journey, after all, why should you be even remotely interested in my story, or anyone else’s for that matter? What works for one person is highly unlikely to work for anyone else, because weight loss involves far more than creating a caloric deficit … even though achieving a caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight. 

The only reason I shared my personal experience with you is because I want you to know that I understand the frustration, confusion and despair that comes from trying to lose weight when you don’t understand how to actually go about it. But that’s going to change. You’re about to learn everything you need to know to master and achieve your “ideal” weight. 

To Master Your Weight You Have to Consider These Factors

To successfully master your “ideal” weight, you’re going to have to understand the many factors that have influenced your present weight, because without this understanding you cannot succeed.

Your present weight is the result of your age, gender, genetics, occupation, lifestyle, behaviors, habits, hard-wired programming and beliefs. The combination of all these factors has resulted in your present weight. These are the things that make you unique, and they’re also the reason that your weight-loss solution will also be unique. 

If You Don’t Understand This Principle, You Cannot Lose Weight Permanently

People continually fail at permanent weight loss because they go about it in a way that cannot succeed. When most people decide to lose weight, they simply try to cutback on their food intake or they choose to go on a specific diet, which immediately draws them into battle with some very formidable opponents … like hunger, feelings of deprivation, irritability and obsessive thoughts about food. 

If all you do is cut back on your caloric intake, you’re essentially the exact same person only now you’re handicapped. As Albert Einstein so wisely noted, “One cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place.” 

In order to learn how to master your “ideal” weight, you’re going to learn how to alter your mindset. This program will help you to see the process, and comprehend the principles of weight-loss, from an entirely new perspective. When you understand some of the tricks of human behavior, and the eons of survivalist programming that secretly control your life, you’ll fully appreciate why dieting, willpower and your best intentions will always let you down. In fact, if you rely on willpower and determination you will not succeed. If the process of weight loss is difficult it’s literally impossible for it to last.

This time, however, you’re going to succeed because you’re going to find a way to make it easy and enjoyable. It’s a lot like working … find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

The One Thing You Must Understand to Master Your “Ideal” Weight

To successfully lose weight, you have to actually enjoy the process. I’m sure this sounds odd, but it’s absolutely true. Think about it, human beings are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So if your weight-loss experience is unpleasant, then by its very nature it’s unsustainable. You can use willpower and determination for a period of weeks or even months, but eventually you will grow weary of living an unpleasant lifestyle and you’ll inevitably return to the old habits and behaviors that bring comfort and pleasure.

Whenever you go on a “typical” diet, you’re pitting yourself against eons and eons of survivalist programming, which are diametrically opposed to the very fundamentals of dieting. The moment your body recognizes that there’s a “run” on its precious fat reserves it goes into survival mode, and no amount of willpower can overcome these forces. 

If, on the other hand, you learn how to actually “enjoy” a slightly different lifestyle, one that allows you to achieve your weight and health goals, while avoiding the totally unnecessary steps of hunger, willpower and teeth-gritted effort, you’ll not only learn how to master your “ideal” weight, but you’ll find it to be a healthy and enjoyable way to live your life.

Is There One Major Cause That Drives Obesity?

The obvious answer is “yes”, it’s overconsumption. The less obvious answer is that it’s because many people are completely unaware of their habits and lifestyle … which means they consume a great percentage of food without any conscious awareness of the underlying cause of their actions such as: 

  • mindlessly eating while watching TV 
  • failing to understand the real effect that food and calories have on the body
  • eating to alleviate boredom
  • using food to calm one’s nerves after a stressful day
  • confusing pangs of thirst with pangs of hunger
  • ritual eating because of tradition, or time-of-day 
  • eating from habit rather than awareness

Habits consistently fly under our radar of awareness. Have you ever found your hand at the bottom of an empty potato chip bag and you can’t recall even having opening it? How often have you driven to work and your mind was so far away you don’t even remember the trip? 

Neuroscience estimates that about 95 percent of everything we do happens at a subconscious level. In other words, the greatest part of our lives happens without our conscious knowledge. So, for example, if you’re overweight it’s because you’ve acquired some habits along the way that are presently determining your results … and they’re occurring largely without your conscious awareness!

The Largest Obstacle to Permanent Weight Loss

The very act of dieting goes against undefeatable physical and psychological forces. Depriving your body of the steady stream of calories it’s grown accustomed to will trigger survival mechanisms that willpower and conscious determination cannot possibly overcome. 

What thoughts and beliefs do you associate with dieting? For most people it involves hunger, deprivation, avoiding certain foods, or forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t enjoy. In a nutshell it involves suffering. Human beings will always, always avoid pain and seek pleasure. So ask yourself this; what makes you think you can willfully subject yourself to an undesirable lifestyle and then be able to stick with it? Or more practically, why would you want to? 

The reality is that you can’t. If you don’t like the process you’ll always return to your old habits and that’s precisely why diets are so notoriously unsuccessful.

How Do People Manage Permanent Change?

We’ve all witnessed people who, after years of smoking or excessive drinking or overeating, suddenly change their behavior and never go back to their old ways. But whenever radical, behavioral change happens, if we take a closer look, we’ll always see that that dramatic change was the result of a major catalyst; a doctor diagnoses someone with cancer and instantly he loses all desire for cigarettes. Another person with a lifelong drinking problem sees her new grandchild for the first time and suddenly she loses all desire to drink.

These kinds of behavioral changes are the result of watershed moments when people instantly see things from a different perspective. By radically changing their beliefs, and seeing their old lifestyle from a new perspective, they immediatelyoverwrite the undesirable programs that have been driving their actions. They essentially become a different person. 

Unfortunately none of us are able to flip a switch at will to change our undesirable behaviors, but fortunately there is another way, you can actually learn to overwrite your old undesirable programs when you understand how to consciously create new ones.

How Does This 29 DAYS Program Work?

This program is going to take you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Beginning with the simple realization that it’s not weight you want to lose, but rather fat, you’ll see how this subtle distinction can begin to lead to dramatically different results. 

Of equal importance is understanding the psychology to mastering your “ideal” weight, because by doing so, you actually avoid dieting and the myriad of pitfalls and setbacks that it inevitably creates. Instead of trying to lose weight, you’re going to learn how to make simple lifestyle changes that burn fat and improve your health.

Achieving a new lifestyle and a new mindset requires two things; desire and just a little time. In fact, if you’ve got the desire you’re just twenty-nine days away from fully understanding, designing and implementing a lifestyle that will perfectly meet your needs. In just four weeks you’ll know exactly how, and when, you’ll achieve your “ideal” weight and more importantly, how you can master it for life.

How Does This Program Differ From a Diet?

Over the next twenty-nine days, you’re going to take a unique approach to weight loss by thoroughly exploring your present thoughts, habits, assumptions and beliefs. 

When most people decide they want to lose weight, they put all of their effort and focus on the food they eat or on an exercise regime, or perhaps a combination of both, but if that’s the extent of one’s preparation, then it’s akin to fighting a fire-breathing dragon with a water pistol!

Your habits and behaviors control most of what you do, so in order to achieve long-term success it’s critical that you ask, and then understand, the answer to the most important question of all; “How did I get myself into this present state in the first place?”

The answers you discover will probably surprise you, but nevertheless, understanding all the things that drive your behavior is crucial to setting and achieving goals that will stand the test of time.

What Can I Expect to Happen Over the Next 29 DAYS?

Broadly speaking, you’re going to very slightly rewire your brain so that your thoughts, habits and behaviors are in line with what you consciously want, rather than being directed and controlled by your old unwanted subconscious programs. 

You’ll begin by observing and discovering a great deal about yourself. You’ll come to realize just how much your habits and beliefs control everything you do from the foods you eat to your thoughts about your body, health and exercise. With a thorough understanding of the scientific principles of calories and their effect on muscle and fat, you’ll begin to chart an enjoyable, step-by-step path towards achieving and mastering your “ideal” weight.

By the end of this program you will …

  • have determined what your real weight and health goals are … because  they may be quite different than what you presently think.
  • be able to quickly and effortlessly discern between real science and the never-ending stream of diet secrets, magical discoveries and gimmicks.
  • understand that losing weight is not mysterious or complicated in spite  of the vast array of contradictory advice and information. 
  • have designed a lifestyle that will help you to enjoy the process of achieving your “ideal” weight because you’ll come to understand that ifmyou don’t enjoy the process there’s zero chance of creating a sustainable lifestyle.

What Can I Expect to Happen After 29 DAYS?

You’ll begin to reap the rewards. In fact, as time goes on, the benefits of creating a healthy lifestyle will continue to grow. In fact, you’ll come to realize that your new lifestyle is the best medicine that you could possibly take. As you drop unwanted fat and master your “ideal” weight, your health, stamina, energy levels, and overall vitality will continually grow. 

By taking the time to create a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle, you’ll be on the road less travelled. In just the first 2 to 3 months other people will begin to notice the changes you’ve been enjoying all along. Not only will you look fitter and more confident, but you’ll feel more in control of making decisions about what you really desire.

Whether it’s the baskets you can shoot with your kids without being winded, or you’re just more in tune to your body, mind and overall health, the benefits of mastering and living at your “ideal” weight will continually grow in every area imaginable.

So there you have it. In the next twenty-nine days ... and beyond ... you’re not only going to set your weight and health goals, but you’re going to learn how to actually enjoy the process, because that is the key to living and mastering a lifetime at your “ideal” weight. 

So if you’re ready let’s get started. I’ll see you on Day One.


~ Richard


29 DAYS ... to mastering your "ideal" weight





DAY 1:

a.m. You Can’t Win a War if You Don’t Know Your Enemy

p.m. Seven Steps to Tracking and Understanding Your Habits and Behaviors


DAY 2:

a.m. What Controls Our Set Point?

p.m. Don’t Put Your Faith in the Bathroom Scale


DAY 3:

a.m. The Brake Pedal and Gas Pedal of Appetite

p.m. Why Do Most Weight-Lose Attempts Fail?


DAY 4:

a.m. Making Sense of Calories

p.m. Can I Blame My Weight Battle on Fructose and High-Fructose Corn Syrup?


DAY 5:

a.m. The Pros and Cons of the World’s Most Popular Diets (Part 1) 

p.m. A Brief Look at the Most Popular Weight-Loss Myths


DAY 6:

a.m. The Pros and Cons of the World’s Most Popular Diets (Part 2)

p.m. The “Infamous” Twinkie Diet


DAY 7:

a.m. The Pros and Cons of the World’s Most Popular Diets (Part 3)

p.m. A Country Takes a Lifestyle Approach to Weight Loss





DAY 8:

a.m. Figuring Out Your Daily Calorie Maintenance Level

p.m. Overcoming Our Natural Resistance to Change


DAY 9:

a.m. Option Number One: Reduce Calorie Intake

p.m. Why Are There so Many Contradictory Opinions About the Path to Weight Loss, 

         and What Should I Believe?


DAY 10:

a.m. What Are Macronutrients?

p.m. The Power of Visualization


DAY 11:

a.m. Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

p.m. There May Not Be a Whole Lot of “Free” in Fat Free


DAY 12:

a.m. Carbohydrates: The Misunderstood Macronutrient

p.m. Portion Distortion: The Hidden Weight-Gain Culprit


DAY 13:

a.m. All Calories Are NOT Created Equal!

p.m. Understanding the Miracle Drink: Water


DAY 14:

a.m. Putting Your Weight Loss/Gain Lifestyle Together

p.m. Creating a Healthy LIFESTYLE Is the Key to Mastery





DAY 15:

a.m. Making Physical Activity a Part of Your Lifestyle

p.m. The Single Biggest Mistake Most “Dieters” Make


DAY 16:

a.m. What Is Aerobic Fitness?

p.m. Psychological Pitfalls of Human Behavior and Goal Achievement


DAY 17:

a.m. Understanding Anaerobic Exercise

p.m. What You Do Today Is All That Matters


DAY 18:

a.m. Are You an Intuitive Eater?

p.m. How Long Does It Take to Form a Habit?


DAY 19:

a.m. Can Diet Pills and Supplements Help Reduce My Weight?

p.m. How to Break an Undesirable Habit


DAY 20:

a.m. Creating a Dietary Lifestyle

p.m. How Our Senses Drive Our Appetite


DAY 21:

a.m. From the Bottom Out ... Do Detox Diets, Purges, and Colon Cleansers Help or             Hinder?  

p.m. What You’ve Accomplished so Far




DAY 22:

a.m. Food, Stress, and the Paradox of Modern Humankind

p.m. What Is Stress?


DAY 23:

a.m. Uncovering the True Cause of Emotional Eating

p.m. Apples, Pears, and Fat Storage


DAY 24:

a.m. Does Your Ego Determine Your Feelings of Hunger and Satiety?

p.m. Cheat Meals and “Oh, What the Hell!”


DAY 25:

a.m. To Avoid Feeling Hungry, Learn How to Think about It!

p.m. Do You Know Your Dieting Beliefs?


DAY 26:

a.m. Are You Guilty of Eating a 50-Pound Cookie?

p.m. What Is Success? How Do We Define It?


DAY 27:

a.m. Ten Steps to Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Gain ...

p.m. If You Can Do This ... Mastering Your Ideal Weight Is Easy


DAY 28:

a.m. If You Could Choose Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Would You?

p.m. A Lifetime of Mastery


DAY 29:

a.m. Perhaps You Shouldn’t Set Goals After All

p.m. Living by Intention

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